Our Mission
Venture One delivers superior commercial construction results, the first time, every time, anywhere.

Our Vision
To be the world's benchmark for cutting edge commercial construction, and lead our industry towards the same.

About Us

Venture One is a traveling General Contractor / Construction Management firm that provides reliable solutions through measured performance to clients that develop multiple projects each year. Venture One will provide impeccable services and quality that exceed any client’s expectations. We shall exceed the client’s expectations by executing thorough project management service. This will be performed by establishing, administering, and following project specific procedures that will ensure and control that all aspects of the project are completed on-time, within budget, and of the highest quality level. This shall be performed on each and every project.

During the next five years Venture One will establish itself as a premier mid sized regional general contractor. Sales shall increase each year without sacrificing any components of our impeccable service standards. A yearly growth rate of 15px% shall be realized with gross sales reaching 20 million dollars with in 5 years. We shall accomplish this by: targeting medium size clients, establishing our credibility, and instituting systems that enable us to achieve our promised expectations as well as facilitating controlled growth. We shall institute technology when applicable to maintain efficiency and organization. Venture One shall maintain its home office location of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Venture One Construction, Inc. shall exist and operate daily in the interest of serving our Clients. Our Clients shall consist of not only the Customer/Owner/Developer but also subcontractors, vendors; fellow employees and lenders are our clients as well.

Our clients will all receive great service, with construction management that exceeds their expectations, no matter what size the project is. They will find our projects organized, standardized, clean, safe and efficient with complete quality control.

Our clients will find our employees: professional, friendly, and intelligent with good communication skills, tech savvy, aggressive, focused, determined, trustworthy, dependable and personable.

Our clients will be owners and developers that do multiple projects and developments each year. Our subcontractors and vendors will be familiar with our expectations and qualified to perform work on our projects. Our clients & vendors will be relationship minded focusing on what is best for everyone on the project not just what is best for them individually. We will work with clients & vendors that desire to form relationships for the future and believe in the "win / win" concept. They will be growth orientated, profit friendly, intelligent, fair, honest and just people.

Venture One will be standardized and tightly controlled without micro management. Employees will be "empowered" to make decisions based on what is best for the project, clients and Venture One, all in accordance with Venture One’s standardized processes. All parties to the project shall follow and abide by our processes because they will understand that they are necessary to achieve the goal of impeccable service and quality. Employees, and clients will be accountable for their actions and decisions and likewise will share in the successes that Venture One achieves and receives.

The exceptional service that we provide will raise Venture One above our competitors. This high level of service will spoil our clients and over time will want to work exclusively with Venture One. We shall separate Venture One away from and above all our competitors. This service shall be our marketing tool for future repetitive work as well as the hallmark of our culture. Our service shall become the benchmark for which everyone else strives to achieve.

This strategic objective shall be difficult to realize but it will be achieved. The employees and clients that join Venture One Construction, Inc. in this growth will be thankful that they encountered us and joined us in our lofty goals.