What type of work does Venture One Construction do?
  Venture One is a full service Commercial General Contractor/Construction Manager.


Does Venture One do Residential Work?
  Not at this time, Venture One Construction specializes in Commercial Construction.


What is Venture One's payment schedule?
   Subcontractors are required to turn in a complete payment application for their work performed each month. The invoices must be turned in by the 26th of the month and barring any        paperwork problems, payments are released on the last day of the following month. *This is contingent upon receiving payment from the owner.


Am I required to have Insurance and Worker's Compensation coverage?
Yes, all subcontractors who perform work on a project for Venture One must have Insurance and Worker's Comp coverage. The minimum requirements are laid out in Exhibit "H" of the invoicing packets which come with your contract.


Is there any way to get paid for a draw earlier than when the payment application is due?
Yes, we do offer an early payment program in which you can take a 3% discount on the particular draw that you are requesting payment on. All paperwork must be filled out correctly along with receipt of any other items that may be needed (e.g. Closeout Items) We can usually get your check cut within the week of request in most cases.


How do I know if my payment application is filled out correctly?
The payment applications are accompanied by a sample packet which walks you through how to fill out the paperwork so it should be fairly self explanatory. In the case that you have missed something or have made a mistake, we will send out a fax cover sheet which lays out exactly what the problem is and how to go about fixing it.


How do we get put onto Venture One's bid list for upcoming projects?
Simple, you can either email or fax your company info to us (phone/fax/scope work/etc.) and let us know what areas you do work in and we will put you into our database. From that point, you will receive bid invitations for projects that we are currently looking at in that particular area.


How can I obtain plans for a project that Venture One is bidding?
The easiest method for obtaining plans is via email. We make sure to have electronic copies of all plans/specs for projects bidding so that we can email them to anyone who needs them. We also use other outlets such as the Blue Book, Dodge, CMD, Builders Exchange, etc. and local blue printers.


How can I find out how my bid/proposal ended up and where we stood with V1C?
Obviously with the numerous amounts of projects that V1C bids, it is impossible to contact everyone about the status of where their numbers stood. We prefer that you fax in a request to our office if you would like this information and we will do our best to get a response as to where your numbers were so that you can use this information for future reference.